Your wedding photographer

Hi! My name is Barbara Eva and I am a photographer since I remember.
After I decided to study visual arts, I have also started to learn photography more.
Firstly was analogue system, which is not so popular now, but I have this opinion, you are not a photographer if You will not meet, know and work with the analogue.
After the big boom of the digital systems, I started also to use Sony from my Bf.
This time, I had my first experiences with weddings, about 2009, not so professional, but it was just a practice.
The next step in my life was the bachelor of computer graphic and photography, and after this I have moved from Poland to Germany to start my work as a product photographer which I do also right now.

In 2016 I decided to finish also photography online studies in Germany, so I have learnt also the German view on the photography, which is not so my style. In Germany I hear very usually about: Which cameras do you use, instead of questions about my style. But I can go through this. I think so.
This time I started my first weddings and professional shootings in Germany, so I decided to start also with my little photo-company. Till now I can say, I have two Cameras: Fuji xt3, xt30 and waiting for the xpro3. 5 lenses: 17mm, 28mm, 35mm, 52mm and 90mm. All very bright and 4 from Fujinon. I am using also GoProHero7 for Videos and my Mavic Air Drone from DJI. (These infos mostly for customers from Germany, who like so much technology :)
But it is not so important to me. Important is the story. The story which I would like to say through my photos. The story of a big love, of a big happiness, of hope and respect.
Ok, let's go then!
Have a nice day!

On the photo: Linda and Mark. Photos soon...